Hi my name is Jazmine Johnson and I am currently located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

I’m a graduate student earning a M.F.A. in Publication Design. I’m a DC native who wants to use photography and design as a means of telling a story, sharing an experience or exploring a destination less traveled. I’m a social media junkie, avid concertgoer, art enthusiast and a lover of all things print and online media.

My dream is to work as a photo/design editor for culture magazines or websites like Fader, I-D, Freunde von Freunden  and Apartamento (and eventually create a magazine of my own). I’m also excited to expand my hobbies/interests (interior design, graphic design, woodwork and ceramics) into freelance projects. My goals and dreams are endless. I want to deepen others and my own cross-cultural experience through art, music, food, language, etc.

Feel free to say hello! Any inquiries for freelance or future collaborations are welcome.


(240) 678-0613


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